We Are 5290 MEDiA GROUP

5290 (Fifty-two Ninety) MEDiA GROUP is a marketing, public relations, and management agency that helps brands, businesses, and personas capture the attention of consumers using traditional, online and event methods of marketing. We know how tough it can be to reach consumers in today’s marketplace as social media and online advertising becomes a crowded avenue of marketing. 60% of agency professionals view social media advertising as more valuable for building brand awareness than for driving direct response. We believe that a combination of online, traditional, and event marketing builds brand awareness, generates consumer response and results in boosted sales for our clients.

Our latest division, Pour Models, was started in response to our increased customer need of phenomenal event staff and service. Pour Models provides “Models With Bottles’! It staffs events with models who serve as bartenders, servers, hosts, promotional models, and spokesmodels. Pour Models understands the importance of an impressionable experience when incorporating a face with a brand or business. Our services deliver impressive measurable results for every event we staff, manage, and produce. For more information, please visit – PourModels.com